Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dodging the Bullet

I'm sortta interning at Bulls Eye 360 for Mobilink Infinity these days, helping them sell connections to people i know. Its almost been 20 days since i started. I've managed to make 4 sales (my target for the month is 50). So when today i was called up for a "meeting", i was pretty sure they were gonna tell me to take the highway.

My heart began thumping really hard as i drove to the marketing agency. When i reached, i was told to go sit in a room upstairs. So i make my way to the room, an there are these other guys sitting there... who are also Brand Ambassadors of Infinity. So i start making conversation about number of sales everyone has made. Turns out, the guy sitting next to me has made over 30. There were 7s and 14s. and there i sat... Mr.4. Their eyes kept saying "Four?? Only?? We're so much better than you" *Oh the Shame*

I had to sit amongst those eyes for quite sometime before my boss entered. Turns out the meeting was all about training us to become better ambassadors, the problems we were having in making sales and how to tackle them.

*phew!!!*...still have my job. But for how long? thats the big question!


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