Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marketing Madness

So Marketing was supposed to be my favorite course this semester at IBA, but things are starting to change. So, my teacher has divided the final term report into 3 parts. The first submission has already been given in. Me and my group chose Sunsip Limo Pani as our "local branded product" to do the report on. We practically worked like asses to get the first part done and we ended up with pretty decent marks. Now that the 2nd submission is due, we are told that we can no longer continue with Limo Pani coz we dont have a contact at Hilal Candy. (earlier we were under the impression that we either needed an interview with the company OR use a survey. We had used a survey to write up our analysis. Apparently thats not good enough).....
O and did i mention, we have to submit the first part all over again.
So basically, we're screwed!!!

So here i was looking for a "contact" in a world full of corporate entities who love to shoo me away when i stumbled upon the brand manager of Lipton Tea who happened to be the knidest person on the planet. He asked me to write up an email on what i needed done and promised to forward it to the brand manager of Energile. (Energile and Limo Pani, both powdered drinks, should be easy to interchange). Sad part is, that he cant make contact with the Energile brand manager before Monday. Which means that the interview which if scheduled, will be after Monday. And the submission, happens to be on the Thursday the 19th.

Hoping for a miracle to happen here...


  1. well my bhabhi told me today that she encountered exactly the same problem that yo gys are having with limo pani...she chose powdered beverages for her marketing policy corse in mba and the snsip people didnt address her qs....she told me some weird things...will tell u in detail laters...
    btw nice blog:)

  2. i am so elated right now... my very first blog comment.

    Sunsip people are such big Dashes i swear! Anyway, i hope all goes well with Energile. *fingers crossed*