Monday, March 16, 2009

More Marketing Mania

So my Lipton contact pulled through. I got the call early in the morning today. He said that the Energile people are willing to take us. In a frenzy, i took down the contact details of the brand manager, Zubair Farooq (later when i called him i got to know that his name was Umer Farrukh..*lol*)

Only catch was that they were going to take us TODAY at 3pm. This meant that we would have to bunk the 4th period (marketing) and head off to the Unilever office.

I took a good hard look at myself and realized i was wearing the most flashy t-shirt i owned complimented by a torn jeans and RED shoes. Hmmm... not my finest moment. I found myself running about not knowing what to do. I was not ready for the interview, i didnt know what i would ask, i certainly didnt look presentable. My friends calmed me down. A few minutes later i magically had a list of possible questions we could ask (Jiye Javeria!!!). Next thing i know, im at Abids place raiding his closet for formal clothing. 2 minutes later, Abid was all over me... From the vest to the shirt to the shoes to the tiny waist trousers that accentuated my butt, Abid was all over me! :)

Next stop, Faisal house... it was his turn to dress up while the rest of us tried to get some info on the brand. As soon as we were about to hit print, the light went out. No time to fix the problem, we were on a tight schedule.

Fauzan kept whining for us to stop for food, but we made sure not to give in to his innocent little being. 3:05, we were there. All 4 of us looked around the office with dreams of working here... Greater than Ever. Mr. "Umar Farrukh" turned out to be a great fellow. LUMS graduate, but cool non-the-less. Got all the info we needed with sufficient humor to go along.

Asal humor however tu tab aaya when we got out out of Unilever and found that Faisal's car had been towed away. *whoosh* (Note: We hadn't broken any law. We had paid for the parking ticket. The ticket guy was new at his job). We were running around in the heat looking for the car, back and forth, from the police chawki to the parked location of the car... untill finally Abid (pretend) lost it and started shouting at the parking ticket walas. It was actually pretty scary, and believe it or not he actually made the parking ticket walas pay 500 for the release of Faisal's car. Don't think i've ever witnessed anything of the sort before... dont think i ever will again. :P

A very unpredictable day it was today!
Oh well, i guess alls well that ends well... :D

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